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Wards Energy is proud to provide propane as a safe and reliable heating method for your home, along with the use of water heaters, gas fireplaces, furnaces, stovetops, and more. Propane is a cost-effective solution that keeps your home warm no matter what the weather. Our certified professionals can help you determine what energy options are best for your situation. Matched with our unrivaled service and reliable, on-time deliveries, you can count on Ward’s Energy to keep your home’s heat and utilities running smoothly.

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Why Choose Propane?

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Environmentally Friendly

Propane is a low-carbon alternative fuel that burns cleanly and produces less greenhouse gas emissions than most other energy sources.

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Cost-Effective and Efficient

Propane is abundant and competitively priced with electricity, heating oil and other fuels. With propane you can save hundreds to thousands on your energy bill.

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Propane can be used for so much more than heating. You can use propane for hot water heaters, fireplaces, clothes dryers, swimming pools, generators, and more.

Energy Saving Tips

1 - Change Your Filter

Change your furnace filter monthly. Inspect and tune-up your residential heating systems regularly. A heating system that is running well is more efficient.

2 - Block Drafts

Protect against drafts by caulking and weather stripping around windows, doors, and any other openings.

3 - Set a Timer

Purchase a furnace thermostat timer. Turning your furnace down by 10 to 15 percent for eight hours a day can reduce your annual heating bill by as much as 10 percent each year.

4 - Convert Your Water Heater

Consider converting to a propane water heater. Over time, propane water heaters can cost up to 1/3 less to operate and recover hot water twice as fast as electric heaters.

5 - Load Up Appliances

Run washing machines, clothes dryers and dishwashers with a full load.

6 - Check the Temp

Turn down your water heater from the standard 120 degrees.

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